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Liga NOS 1. Liga Sagres 1.

FC Kopenhagen 1-0 Galatasaray Mac Özeti 5.11.2013

Ligue 1 1. Liverpool2 — 1 West Bromwich 1. MANU 1. MUFC 1. Palermo 1. Paris Saint-Germain 1.

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Paris Saint-Germain 7 - 0 Bastia 1. Portugal 1. Preston North End 1. Preston North End 1 - 2 Arsenal 1. PSV Eindhoven 1. RasenBallsport Leipzig 1. Reading 1. RealSociedad 1. SD Eibar 1. SevillaFC 1. SL Benfica 1. Spain 1.

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Sporting Gijon 1. Act One: the hacking movement sciwri Kilger - 3 movements. Cyberterrorism on the horizon. There are six reasons why people do cybercrime: money, status, entertainment, etc. Motivations for malicious online actors: MEECES money, ego, entertainment, cause, entrance to social group, status sciwri Hard to tell editors "no, won't incl view of person who disagrees bc opinions contrary to sci" YES. Common prob w vaccines maiasz sciwri As ppl who hacked for money began to be shunned, they naturally formed their own social group.

OttLegalRebels: RT meghanbartels: We're starting bright and cheery with the psychology behind cybercrime and cybersecurity sciwri Kilger - Motivations - money, ego, entertainment, cause, entrance to social group, status. Kilger - Entrance to hacker society via contribution of piece of "cool" code.

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Hacking community is a meritocracy. It's social structure is largely not understood. Kilger - Social structure of the hacking community. Not obvious, but a key via collected jargon file.

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Hackers have magic and religion. This is odd to hear about at a science conference. Looking a lexicon. Magic and religion are real things in the hacking community. Women in science writing unite! Great to see my JohnsHopkins grad school colleagues at sciwri Kilger - Cybercrime spinoff from hacker culture. Ditched no-money paradigm. Kilger investigated the social structure of a Russian hacking group via LiveJournal. The latest Food and Farm Discussion Lab! Mapping which cybercriminals are more or less socially connected can indicate which actors are most dangerous.

Check out this super-cool duck at the sciwri16 awards last night. Sociologists studied connections between Russian hackers by analyzing their LiveJournals sciwri Kilger - Network map of Russian hacker gangs. Two groups. Freelancer question! What's the best way to find calls for pitches? Google alerts, standing searches, follow lots of editors? Understanding cybercrime. Refunds, customer service, satisfaction guarantees. Did anyone at sciwri16 lose their glasses near St. Kilger - Cybercrime as commercial enterprise with warranties, customer service, service provision.

I wonder if the cybercrime customer service will put you on hold. Pro tip: when your computer gets malware, call customer service for that malware, like hackers do.

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For the first time in history, an individual can attack a nation-state. Kilger - For the first time in history, an individual can effective attack a nation-state. Civilian cyber warrior- an individual can now attack an entire nation state - Kilger sciwri Cyber warrior -for the first time in history a single actor can attack a nationstate. Cyber attack vs physical attack: Less likely to get caught, low cost, more likely to succeed, increase in potential damage sciwri Whoops further research by PeterNHess points out that the handsome ducks are invasive. Kilger - Civilian Cyber Warrior - Very high correlation between willingness to commit physical attack and cyberattack.

High correlation between someone willing to do cyberattack and physical attack. Kilger - Civilian Potato Warrior - Very high correlation between willingness to commit physical attack and potatoattack. Kilger found a strong positive correlation between willingness to commit a cyber attack and willingness to commit a physical act sciwri DrElena Areyou at sciwri16?

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If so, find me during a break. Also if you're bored and want a good laugh, find me and talk about comparing Cleopatra's make-up to a duck. Stages of collaboration between hackers and nation-states: sciwri When the Reddit speaker compared print newspapers to trash, I booed him.

He looked like he could take it. Kilger - Colloration between non-nation state actors and nation states. Max Kilger sees 3 epochs in cyber: 1-Hacking, 2-cybercrime, 3-cyberterrorism. We are near 3rd, he says.